Featured Reviews

Unbreakable Soul (Single):

“An evolving pop success heralding the power of perseverance, “Unbreakable Soul” is a resonating single from Wavewulf. Nala Spark’s magnetic vocals add wonderfully to the mix, making for an aesthetical savvy reminiscent of Little Dragon — especially in the “patterns,” escalation, which struts a lush engrossment in its bubbly synths and nostalgic guitar glimpses. Wavewulf, the project of Nicholas Long, impresses here with a balanced array of spirited pop vigor and dreamy introspection, concluding with a hypnotic title-touting refrain.” - Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

The North and the Sea:

“[The North and the Sea] brought us a sense of urgency and clarity into the actual meaning of freedom. The album’s core concept is not only Wavewulf’s quest for freedom but also the lengths he went to search for and celebrate it.” - SPIN Magazine

 "Wavewulf deserves further investigation for both the discerning electronic music listener as well as those not as familiar with the genre. We highly recommend “The North and the Sea” for its tantalizing sound and uniqueness." - Mark Hoffman, LA Weekly

“A fascinating contrast of styles with Long’s smoothly rendered synth tones meshing with Nala Spark’s strangely mesmerising vocals. There’s a melancholic aspect to this outing, while also embodying an uplifting vibe which manages to seep deep into the listener” – Paul Browne, Blitzed Music Magazine

“Nobody can deny the power of water and "Wavewulf" knows it well! Balancing between Electro and Dream Pop, this release has a hidden glow. Colourful and clear patterns of sound are waiting you along with lyrics of an explorative mood.” – Nagamag Music Magazine

“One of his most personal albums to date, titled The North and the Sea [which is] comprised of 15 memorable and hauntingly synth laded tracks, one can lose themselves in its retro-infused embrace” – WAVE Music

 “Dramatic and enchanting, Wavewulf has captured the relentless energy and power of the Scandinavian and Arctic seas in the new album ‘The North and the Sea’. Combining mesmerising synths, electronic keyboards and powerful vocals, Wavewulf creates exciting sounds that transport the listener to the icy seas” – Look and Listen

Generation Blitz I compilation:

 “[Electric Vienna] is a compelling piece of electronic prog-rock, and I can see the Aphex Twin influence here” – Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

Space Art and Angels:

 “An intersecting narrative of the cosmic and the personal told with classic synths and synthpop vocals. There’s much to enjoy in the sprawling sci-fi synth cascades” – James Thornhill, Electronic Sound 

“Synth genius Wavewulf releases electrifying new album Space Art And Angels. A journey through every realm of space, time and life, Wavewulf has you covered. Following the success of the previous album Green Decay, Space Art And Angels definitely lives up to any expectations and exceeds them into outer space” – Chloe Mogg, BBC Introducing 

All in all, it’s quite the decadent orgy for synth fetishists, but there are plenty of new slants and, even more importantly, human elements and flourishes lurking in the machinery, which is a harder trick to pull than its sounds. Nice one Wavewulf. - Nick McCoy, Subba-Cultcha 

 “This mystical LP is a journey through time and space. Steeped in a cosmic bravado, Wavewulf excels at crafting aural worlds that are equal parts experimental and accessible. A mesmerizing race through kaleidoscopic soundscapes and intergalactic vocal samples, Space Art and Angels balances a dark, brooding bravado with colorful, upbeat melodies. Its chromatic ebb and flow define the electronic sounds of the future” – Alli Lindsey, Beautiful Buzzz 

Green Decay:

“Wavewulf's 'Green Decay' delivers textured, layered soundscapes and shifting tones. Sometimes stark, sometimes moving, sometimes simply furiously catchy, it's an album which is both musically magical and thematically incredibly prescient” – Top40-Chrats.com