“[The North and the Sea] brought us a sense of urgency and clarity into the actual meaning of freedom. The album’s core concept is not only Wavewulf’s quest for freedom but also the lengths he went to search for and celebrate it.”

SPIN Magazine

Now Available : The North and the Sea

Also Available The 2 CD,  Limited Deluxe Edition

CD 1: Includes all 15 tracks on digital release plus bonus cuts ‘Back Through Time’ and ‘Predator (Jamie Ruskin Soft Mix)’.

CD 2: Contains 17 tracks from the Wavewulf Back Catalog available for the first time on CD. 

Album Credits

Written, Composed, Produced by Wavewulf (Nicholas Long) at Passing Note Studio, West New York, New Jersey.

Additional composition and vocals by Nala Spark; vocals by Martin James, Christopher John Donato, Matt Jensen, Maxx Silver and Pulse Lab.

-Synths, Samplers, Drum-Machines by Wavewulf.

-Guitars by Bryan Brown, Christopher John Donato.

-Drums and Percussion by Christopher John Donato.

-Mixed & Mastered by Jason Weinheimer at  Fellowship Hall Sound.

-Cover Art by Gregory Moore at Gregory Moore Art.

© 2023 Wavewulf


Track Listing:

1.Open The Gate

2. Luft

3. New Amsterdam

4. The Power of Water

5. Predator

6. Understand Me

7. Spirits of the Desert

8. The Sea and the Glacier

9. Through The Wires

10. Permafrost

11. Lights Across the Sky

12. Serenade

13. Galloping Through Fields of Lavender

14. Scandinavian Nights

15. The Great Expanse

Featuring the hit singles ‘Luft’, ‘Serenade ’, ‘The Power of Water’, and ‘Open the Gate’. 

The Brand New Release, ‘The North and the Sea’ is a seminal Electronic album for fans of Autechre, Björk, Air, & Röyksopp. One To Hear and will surely be on repeat on your playlists.

“A fascinating contrast of styles with Long’s smoothly rendered synth tones meshing with Nala Spark’s strangely mesmerising vocals. There’s a melancholic aspect to this outing, while also embodying an uplifting vibe which manages to seep deep into the listener” Paul Browne, Blitzed Music Magazine

“Each song is so intricately woven & unique. Ultimatley an electro-pop  masterpiece that pulls you in and makes you want to hear more ” – SynthoElectro

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